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... and nice to meet you!

I grew up in the middle of unspoiled nature in the foothills of green mountains in the middle of Europe.


And even though I now live in one of the most beautiful capitals in Prague, I have never stopped being in love with the green forests and the perfect beauty of nature.


I believe that beauty is everywhere around us. It is in every flower, in every tree and in every person that we meet on our journey through life.

Fascinated by the perfect beauty of nature, I try to capture it on paper.


You will find a lot of my paintings feature the botanical painting of flowers with elaborate details and brilliant, deep colours.


I use the watercolour technique for my work, which captivated me with its lightness, or pastels for their rough structure.

I believe every painting bears the energy of the artist who made it.


I wish my paintings to hold a piece of me in them. My desire for beauty, for a perfect symbiosis of colour and experience. For my paintings to bring joy wherever they are displayed.

For each view, capture a light breeze of tenderness and colourful beauty. And for there always to be something to discover. The movement of the brush, the colours, the gentle hesitation of the hand when drawing... that all give a painting a life of its own.


Thus, welcome to my colourful world!

Let yourself float on a wave of fantasy, or just admire the beauty of nature transformed into a painting.


If you like my work, I'll love to hear from you!


Painted by love



Painting classes and workshops in Cork Ireland
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Take a look at the magic of the drawing in my sketchbook. 


Take a look at what is going on in my painting sketchbook.  

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