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My GAME - CHANGER for beginners

 6-week LIVE ONLINE PROGRAM with 1:1 session

Every single Tuesday at 6:30 pm CET



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👉 Trying to paint with watercolours but have no idea where to start, so end up feeling overwhelmed?

👉 Chasing and piling tutorials but never picking up the brush, so results are nowhere to be seen?

👉 Dreaming of painting freely whatever you want but constantly doubting yourself?

👉 Are you telling yourself a story about talent even though it's not true?  solo?

👉 Feeling stuck, so getting new ideas on how to paint would be lovely.

👉 Binge-watching YouTube videos but hardly ever paint along them? 


Painting and drawing are skills. Everybody can learn them. 

Picture this: you're about to start an amazing watercolour painting. But, instead of feeling excited, the thought of making a mistake and wasting your supplies paralyzes you.

You're not alone.

Most of my students felt the same way before they joined my watercolour classes.

Or maybe you're different type. Followed countless tutorials, yet your art still doesn't seem to match the vibrant paintings shown in the videos.


And then there's the YouTube trap.


No matter how many videos you watch or how much effort you put in, you still can't seem to master watercolour. The colours blend into a muddy mess, and you end up with a paper catastrophe. Sound familiar?


Trust me, I totally get it! In reality, I have been there.

It is no secret that I hated watercolours so much! I was a realistic drawer, not a painter! Water ran everywhere, and I liked to have control over each line, you know? 

But I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. This is what we creative people are doing, aren't we? 

Fast forward. When I started teaching watercolour in Cork, Ireland, I quickly realised that the biggest obstacles for my students to paint with watercolours lie in two things:

       👉lack of solid watercolour/art fundament 

       👉having an experienced guide who can pinpoint exactly what needs to be improved and               HOW. 


This is why I created my 6 weeks of watercolour workshop - From Blank Paepr to Masterpiece

where I distilled all that I have been teaching personally. 

And I saw that it had a big impact, and my students improved their paintings. 

My classes get down to the nitty-gritty of painting. You will understand how watercolours work, why shadows create 3D effects so you stop painting flat, how perspective works, how to mix colours, and how to incorporate structure into painting. You will also naturally gain confidence along the way. 

Only when you know how everything works together,  you can start to paint with confidence. 

I will show you that painting is not about talent. 

I explain all techniques and principles in detail. Most importantly, I put everything into context so that you can confidently use the knowledge you get along the way with me while painting on your own. 

Because you will know how to do it right. 

All LIVE sessions take place within a private, exclusive "Watercolor Masterclass" member-only site, offering a supportive environment for your artistic growth.

Whether your goal is to paint with confidence, enjoy the creative process, or proudly exhibit your results, this masterclass provides the perfect solution for show-off. 

You will have my support and personal guidance. 


You can book me a 1:1 - 60-minute private session FOR FREE!

Isn't it just FAB? 

I will show you that 


"Silvia's classes are absolutely a game-changer! She transformed my  watercolor painting in ways I couldn't have imagined. Just starting out with her in private classes, I was unsure about the best materials to invest in. But the advice she gave me was like a compass, guiding me towards the right choices while keeping costs low."

Niamh O'Connolly, West Cork, Ireland

I'm a tattoo artist, so I wanted to know how to draw. I know Silvia; she is such a talented artist. I like her realistic drawings. 

Her classes rocked up my drawing skills so quickly! 

Thank you for it!

Daniel Donovan, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chloe O'Sullivan, Dublin, Ireland

My watercolour journey was full of struggle and doubts. I told myself that I did not have a talent, so I stopped creating at all. I just picked up the brush few and far between. This was frustrating because I loved painting!

When I met Silvia, she changed everything. The way I'm painting now, she showed me how to approach and embrace the creative process and how to work on limiting beliefs.

Thank you! 

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  • Every single Tuesday at 6:30 pm CET, we enjoy a LIVE painting party on a private Facebook group. Beginning: 9. 4. 2024

  • I will paint along with you so you will see everything in real-time - 2.5 hours.

  • Templates and supplies will be sent to you via email a week before each lesson. 

  • So you can prepare your stuff and trace everything on the paper beforehand.

  • During the lesson, you get my support and guidance.

  • We will discuss our paintings together. 

  • Live lessons will be stored in the Facebook group, and you can go back whenever you want.

  • During the week, I will share a lot of tips with you, or you can ask me for advice.



👉60 mins - 1:1 individual session with you to give you feedback, support, guidance, or paint with you.


👉HOT SEAT! - Every Thursday, LIVE in a private group we can discuss your obstacles and fears, and you can get feedback on your work!

Ask me anything about business, watercolours, and techniques. I will be there for you!




We are going to start off with these lovely fruits. Create your first very own painting!


You will learn:

  • how to capture round shapes to feel 3D.

  • how to put shadows and lights correctly.

  • how to layer colours to get a juicy picture



Let's relax and explore ink in marriage with watercolours!

You will love this sketching lesson!

You will learn:

  • how to pick up the right composition.

  • how to paint with ink and watercolours.

  • differences between ink pens, inks and markers



It's a spring lesson!

We will paint this beautiful magnolia flower.

You will learn:

  • how to layer colours to create vibrancy

  • how to paint veins and details on the flowers

  • how to capture the structure and why cast shadows make a huge difference



It is time to immerse into a misty blurry background and learn how to paint trees!

It is going to be a lot of fun!

You will learn:

  • how to paint objects in the distance

  • how perspective works

  • how to create a misty illusion on the paper

  • how to paint trees and blurry backgrounds



Another flourish lesson, this time more precise. 

We will paint in details.

You will learn:

  • how to paint "white" flowers on white paper

  • how to blend colours smoothly 

  • why black and white photo matters



Sunset in the harbour....My favourite lesson and my favourite painting.  

You will learn:

  • how to paint water and reflections

  • how to paint sun highlights on the water

  • how to paint fine lines if you do not have a firm hand

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✅You will have a solid foundation for confidently painting with watercolours.

✅You will understand mixing and layering colours.

✅You will know how to capture objects correctly.

✅You will know how to paint in detail.

✅You will know how to plan your painting.

✅You will know how to capture lights and shadows.

✅You will know how to choose the right picture.

✅You will still love someone else's tutorials, but you will be able to adapt them to suit yourself. 

✅You stop blindly following tutorials because you will know what to pick up for yourself. 

✅You slowly start to build up your own style.


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If you can hold a pen, you can paint. 

I'm Sisa • Artist & Tutor • Painter • Realistic Drawer


Have you ever felt that you have to have a talent to create art? Talent is a myth. YEP. Drawing and painting are skills that everybody can learn.


Sure, you have to have a spark inside, lit up the fire, passion for it. But passion is not a talent.

I'm teaching people how to paint and draw from the basics simply because painting skills are like building a house. Starting with a fancy chimney is not a good idea...

You need a solid foundation of how watercolours work to create art freely and paint confidently. Practice more is not working if you have no idea what you are doing on the paper and what is wrong!

I'm here to help you build a solid painting foundation, confidently create art, and conquer the fear of blank paper.



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